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    Why is the mobile food pantry not in my county?

    The counties in which the Mobile Food Pantry Program is facilitated is determined by many factors; including the availability of funding, food resources, and community partner support. The primary determinant is food access. MFB has a network of feeding program partners that serve their community  through local food pantries, soup kitchens, and a variety of other emergency feeding programs. The Mobile Pantry Program seeks to serve where the local agency base may not exist or needs additional support in serving food insecure families. 

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    Why is there only one food box per vehicle?

    We limit one food box per vehicle, so we have enough for all of those waiting in line. This allows us to better serve the community at large, as we continue responding to an increase in demand for assistance.

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    Can I pick up for someone else? and Can someone pick up for me?

    Yes and yes! As long as they meet income guidelines and you have all necessary information such as name, address, phone number, and number of individuals within the household. 

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    What do I need to bring with me at a Mobile Food Pantry?


    We only require your information: name, address, phone number, number of individuals in your household, and you must meet income guidelines.  

Income Guidelines