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For many kids in West Virginia, summer can be a difficult time when the majority of their meals come from school provided breakfast and lunch. Mountaineer Food bank started Mountaineer Meals, a summer feeding program, to ensure that students are provided with nutritious meals throughout the summer months. MFB partners with local libraries and FRN's to distribute food to those in need. In addition to receiving meals, students typically get to engage in a fun activity provided by the library and/or FRN site. 

Current Summer Feeding Schedule:

Mondays: Burnsville Public Library

Wednesdays: Sutton Public Library

Thursdays: Calhoun FRN

Friday: Gassaway Public Library

Students can pick up 5 meals from 11am-1pm at the sites listed above. Each child will receive 5 meals along with produce and proteins to share with their families.

Contact Tabitha Mays for more information:

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