Soup kitchens, meal centers, or food kitchens are places where food is offered to the hungry for free. Frequently located in lower-income neighborhoods, they are often staffed by volunteer organizations, such as church or community groups. Soup kitchens obtain food from Mountaineer Food Bank for free or at a low price. This makes it easier for them to feed the many people who require their services.


The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a Federal program that helps supplement the diets of low-income Americans, including elderly people, by providing them with emergency food and nutrition assistance at no cost. It provides food and administrative funds to States to supplement the diets of these groups.


Many programs utilize USDA TEFAP commodities.

For more information on feeding people and operating a feeding program click here.   |  484 Enterprise Drive, Gassaway, WV 26624

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