1 in 6 struggle with hunger

West Virginia suffers from a food insecurity rate of 15.3%.

Thirty-seven counties are classified as either At-Risk or Distressed. These counties rank in the worst 25% of the nation's counties according to economic status indicators. Poverty is the #1 influence on food security and hunger.

1 in 6 people will visit a food pantry, soup kitchen or other feeding program in 2017. These people may be your neighbors, friends or family members.

Many families struggle to access healthy, nutritious foods. These families live day to day, and often have to make a choice between healthy foods and living expenses.

How you can help


Stay Informed

Visit Map the Meal Gap  to view hunger in you community. Staying informed is the first step in taking meaningful action


Take Action


Spread the Word

Tell a friend about Mountaineer Food Bank and hunger in West Virginia. Sometimes hunger is hidden beneath the surface, so we need you to tell other people about hunger in our state, and how they can help. Also, stay informed about hunger in West Virginia by following our updates on Facebook.   |  484 Enterprise Drive, Gassaway, WV 26624

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